Torchlight II (review)

After playing Diablo III for a while it started losing its attraction… As you may have read in my review of it, one of my main complaints was that it was way too scripted, in other words that you didn’t really have any control over your character development.

On the Diablo forums I started reading of players recommending TL2 for the same reason, and since it had a full demo (though of course limited to part of the game world) available, I downloaded it, played it, and then bought the full game.

Torchlight II is a better Diablo than Diablo III

There! I said it! TL2 doesn’t of course have the well-known Diablo storyline, but apart from that and the differences in character classes etc., this is how a Diablo game should play… Too bad it took another company than Blizzard to make it happen.

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KL, five years later…

Five years after I was here the first time, I’ve returned to Kuala Lumpur for a while… In the few days I’ve been here since, I’ve made the following observations:

  • :-) The Malaysians have built a LOT of new high-rise buildings in those few intervening years
  • :cry: KL is no longer cheap (blame the exchange rate for the pound)
  • :-) Sungei Wang Plaza has more or less the same look and feel
  • :-) Plaza Low Yat has even more electronics stores
  • :-) Sri Computers (In Low Yat) is still there, looks EXACTLY the same, and still carry the best assortment of computer stuff in the place
  • :-) Malaysian food is still awesome
  • :-) KL thunderstorms are still a giant lightshow
  • :-) Pirated DVDs are still widely available in Sungei Wang *
  • :-) Kinokuniya (in Suria KLCC) still has the greatest selection of books

That’s 8 :-) and only 1 :cry:  …

* After having trawled two stories of Sungei Wang, I almost despaired, thinking the evil US movie mafia had gotten to Malaysia too, then there suddenly was a whole slew of stores wanting to sell me movies at RM8 :-P

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Blessed Silence…

For a while now, I’ve been looking for the sound of silence… No, not the song, but a proper set of headphones to block out the sounds of the world, enabling me to listen to music, watch films, or just not hear what goes on around me.

There are two primary environments where this has some importance to me. First, in the workplace where it is quite often hard to concentrate properly because of noise, especially in an open-plan office, and secondly during transport, especially long air travel.

Finally I’ve found solutions for both, though at a cost…  :-P

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Politicians doing… Nothing?

As you all probably know, we’re currently in trouble with the world economy… It started in 2007, though most people only found out in 2008, was then hidden for a couple of years with a lot of borrowed money, and is now back on the agenda again since that ploy has run its course.

I’ve previously covered the subject of the economy here and here.

Now, you should think that the most important thing in the world for the politicians and other people in positions of power would be to correct this, right? After all, that’s what they’re there for…

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The Economy and B.F.M… Part 2

It’s been a bit more than a month since I posted my first entry about the current troubles, and to quote Emperor Palpatine, “Everything is progressing as I have forseen!”… (add your own manic laughter)

Today the global stock markets experienced their biggest day of losses since 2008, and we’re now in a ‘bear market’, an important technical term meaning that shares have dropped 20% or more since last peak, and a very important psychological barrier for stock traders… It is one of those things that makes stock traders panic and scream “Sell! Sell!”.

What has the politicians done to lessen the crisis since my last post? Essentially nothing! The world’s politicians seems to be paralysed. They talk, they make ‘important’ phone calls, they call for others to do something, but no real action whatsoever…

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Watching movies @ home…

I recently decided to update my movie watching capabilities at home by buying a proper movie jukebox. While using DVD’s were ok, having to get the disc every time, then go through the menu’s (often with annoying delays, before being able to watch did annoy me more and more. Since I’d also ripped all my DVD’s to the computer to be able to watch them on the move it wouldn’t be a lot of work to set up a proper movie jukebox. I did some research, and ended up buying a Popcorn Hour A-210 from AdvancedMP3Players.

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The Economy and brown fecal matter…

So… what has happened in the wonderful world of international economics over the last week? Well, let’s see….

  • Friday: Shares dropping, and the US credit rating took a hit after trading hours.
  • Weekend: Lots of ‘statesmen’ phoning each other. No action…
  • Monday: Massive share price drops. Panic!
  • Tuesday: ECB starts buying Italian and Spanish bonds, US Fed says they’ll keep interest rates low for the next two year. Share prices rise/fall/rise, but mostly rise.
  • Wednesday: Massive share price drops. PANIC!

I could have told you their ‘solutions’ wouldn’t work!

Why? Because they’re not addressing the problem, only trying to hide the symptoms!

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FreeCycle it!

Contrary to what some might believe, this post has absolutely nothing to do with cycling. It’s all about RE-cycling instead!

I recently had a few things that I was trying to get rid of. They were too good to throw away, but apparently not what anyone I knew over here could use.

So what to do? FreeCycle it of course!

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